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Al and Bill Get check from Lotto Grant.jpg
Al and Bill Get check from Lotto Grant
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Al and Carla at fun night.JPG
Al and Carla at fun night
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Al and Ken Presenting Checks.JPG
Al and Ken Presenting Checks
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Al and Sandy.JPG
Al and Sandy
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Al with Govenor Quinn and Stanley.jpg
Al with Govenor Quinn and Stanley
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At the Banquet.JPG
At the Banquet
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Carla Sherry and Derrick.JPG
Carla Sherry and Derrick
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Cleo and Johnnie.JPG
Cleo and Johnnie
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Cleo why the frown.JPG
Cleo why the frown
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Commander presenting check.JPG
Commander presenting check
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cutting ribbon.JPG
cutting ribbon
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DAV Float June 182011.JPG
DAV Float June 182011
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Dennis Bob and Ken.JPG
Dennis Bob and Ken
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District 12 at Atlanta.JPG
District 12 at Atlanta
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Johnnie Pearl Dennis.JPG
Johnnie Pearl Dennis
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JR PDC Musgravr recieves award for Director Grant.jpg
JR PDC Musgravr recieves award for Director Grant
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Ken and Evelyn.JPG
Ken and Evelyn
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Mark and Sherry.JPG
Mark and Sherry
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PDC Thompson in Atlanta.JPG
PDC Thompson in Atlanta
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President Obama.JPG
President Obama
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Ray and Patty.JPG
Ray and Patty
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Ray Patty.JPG
Ray Patty
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Sandy Bob and Julie.JPG
Sandy Bob and Julie
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SVC McDermott.JPG
SVC McDermott
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Ted and Betty.JPG
Ted and Betty
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with Tammy.JPG
with Tammy
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