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Top Reasons Why You Cannot Login to Your Website:

1)  You are using the wrong website address (URL). To access your website, type the URL in the address bar at the top of your browser (do not type it in a search bar or search field). Website URLS are in the following formats:
Example:  http://www.davmembersportal.org/ct is the URL for the Department of Connecticut.
Example: http://www.davmembersportal.org/chapters/ct/12 is the URL for Connecticut Chapter 12. 
2)  You are using the wrong login information. The username has to be in this format:  frat\username   Be sure you are using the \ back slash above the Enter key not the forward slash / under the ?. 

3)  You are using Windows 2000 or Windows 98. If you have a Windows 2000 or Windows 98 computer, your login will be a three line prompt.  The first line is your username - do not type the "frat" on this line; the second line is your password (note that your password is case sensitive); the last line is for the domain - the domain is FRAT.

4)  You are using AOL. If you are using AOL’s browser, try using Internet Explorer. (Internet Explorer should already be on your computer. Look for the "e" icon). 

5)  You are using the wrong password or you have been locked out. Contact the DAV Membership Department to have your password reset.  Or, if you have already set up a Password Management Profile, you can log into the following website to unlock, reset or change your password:  http://www.dav.org/myPassword/
6)  You have dial-up internet and are using an accelerator.   You will need to turn the accelerator off. 

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