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California Chapters > Announcements > DAV Veterans Thrift Store on Time Warner Cable  

Announcements: DAV Veterans Thrift Store on Time Warner Cable


DAV Veterans Thrift Store on Time Warner Cable 


The story called "Veterans Thrift Store" should start airing later this week on Time Warner Cable’s Channel 1, Video On Demand (VOD).  It is a free service. Go to Channel 1, select Local, select *SoCal’s Best, select Best of SoCal, select “Vets-ThriftStoreDAV”.  It should be up for about 60 days.  Our territory is Riverside and San Bernardino counties as far east as Beaumont and south as Temecula, as well as Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura counties.  Some of the stories also air in the San Diego area and the Palm Desert cities area.          

 Another location it will play, and could be playing in a year from now or so, is on our Time Warner Cable information Channel, SoCal 101.  This channel is in development right now with many stories playing as well as our Beat the Traffic.  In the San Diego area the channel is currently 411 and in the Palm Desert cities area it is channel 111, these systems play our channel programming part of time.        

 As far as CNN Headline News, we are sharing that channel with other Local On Demand programming, so only some of the SoCal’s Best stories play there.  To see Time Warner Cable SoCal’s Best stories on CNN Headline News tune in at :24 and :54 after the hour, between the hours of 12midnight and 4:00pm, 7 days a week, it plays randomly with some of our other programming.  Currently though we are not inserting any programming because of the Michael Jackson Trial. 




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