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Commander's Note 
by FL 108 Webmaster
 6/21/2015 6:18 PM
June 2015 Chapter 108 Newsletter Attachment
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 6/4/2015 2:30 PM
Homes for Heroes 
by FL 108 Webmaster
 4/13/2015 11:14 AM
Mobile Service Office (MSO) April 27, 2015 
by FL 108 Webmaster
 3/7/2015 2:13 PM
February 2015 Newsletter 
by FL 108 Webmaster
 2/14/2015 10:36 PM
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8/1/2015 12:00 AM   First World War erupts -- 1914 
Four days after Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, Germany and Russia declare war against each other, France orders a general mobilization, and the first German army units cross into Luxembourg in preparation for the German invasion of France. During...
8/2/2015 12:00 AM   Delegates sign Declaration of Independence 
On this day in 1776, members of Congress affix their signatures to an enlarged copy of the Declaration of Independence.
Fifty-six congressional delegates in total signed the document, including some who were not present at the vote approving the declaration....
8/2/2015 12:00 AM   Hitler becomes fuhrer -- 1934 
With the death of German President Paul von Hindenburg, Chancellor Adolf Hitler becomes absolute dictator of Germany under the title of Fuhrer, or "Leader." The German army took an oath of allegiance to its new commander-in-chief, and the last...
8/2/2015 12:00 AM   Iraq invades Kuwait -- 1990 
At about 2 a.m. local time, Iraqi forces invade Kuwait, Iraq's tiny, oil-rich neighbor. Kuwait's defense forces were rapidly overwhelmed, and those that were not destroyed retreated to Saudi Arabia. The emir of Kuwait, his family, and other government...
8/9/2015 12:00 AM   Operation Desert Shield -- 1990 
Operation Desert Shield, the American defense of Saudi Arabia, began as U.S. forces raced to the Persian Gulf. Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, meanwhile, built up his occupying army in Kuwait to about 300,000 troops.
8/19/2015 12:00 AM   U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers convicted of spying by USSR 
9/18/2015 12:00 AM   U.S. Air Force Birthday -- 1947 
The U.S. Air Force was created by the National Security Act of 1947 and was signed into law by President Harry. S. Truman. Born out of the Army Air Corps, it became a full partner with the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy in defending the country. General Carl...
10/13/2015 12:00 AM   U.S. Navy Birthday – 1775  
The Continental Congress established the United States Navy as the Continental Navy on 13 October 1775 by authorizing the procurement, fitting out, manning, and dispatch of two armed vessels to cruise in search of munitions ships supplying the British...
11/10/2015 12:00 AM   U.S. Marine Corps Birthday -- 1775 
The United States Marine Corps was established on 10 November 1775 by a resolution of the Continental Congress as the Continental Marines to fight for independence at sea and on shore. Samuel Nichols served as the first Commandant.
11/11/2015 12:00 AM   Veterans Day 
Veterans Day is an annual holiday observed in the United States on November 11. The day was first proclaimed as Armistice Day for November 11, 1919, by President Woodrow Wilson to observe the end of World War I. Congress formalized the day as Veterans...
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 Chapter Photo Library

ThumbnailPicture Size
James D. Rader Chapter 108 Photo Gallery
Darrell Ramsden (Chaplain), Glenn Heisler (Sgt at Arms), Larry "Stixx" Tiller (Commander), Ron "Kase" Price (Sr. Vice Commander), Ron Popp (Jr. Vice Commander) Carl Turner (Treasurer), Peter Palkoswski (Adjutant)  Chapter Officer Installation 20151280 x 768
Ron Price, Peter Palkowski, Robert Taylor, Ron Popp, Larry Tiller, Frank Gruelich, Jerry Conway, Pete Schwarz, John Camp and others gathered to honor our deceased comrade James Rader at the Memorial Gardens Cemetery on Memorial Day 2015 Memorial Day 2015 Rader1024 x 614
Two "gruff" looking dog handlers (Peter Palkowski and Carl Turner) at the Coral Ridge Cemetery on Memorial Day 2015.  Nice sunny 94 degrees day in May. VN Dog Handlers3456 x 2304
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