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Announcements: DAV Chapter # 72 Salem, IN. Welfare Committee


DAV Chapter # 72 Salem, IN.  Welfare Committee 


This is a Committee set-up to help American Veterans, Homeless American Veterans, and Disabled American Veterans. in Need of Assistance in the 7 County Area.
The Committee shall be guided by the Commander & Adjudant of Chapter to provide help to Honorably Discharged Veterans.
As per. the State DAV Adjudant statement earlier this Summer.
This Committee will consist of Joe Smallwood, Chairman.
Rick Phillips & Pat Obrian. Who will consider all matters of need concerning assistance to these Veterans.
Currently there are 9 Homeless Veterans at Haven House in Jeffersonville, IN. Located on 8th Street.
Guidelines for Committee (as set by Members of Chapter #72
1.) $150.00 Limit to aid Veterans, spouse, Widow or Children. 
2.) Keep and Maintain records of all inquiries accepted or denied by the committee.
3.) respond to all request in a speedy & timely manner.
4.) Aid to be in the form of direct payment to the business or Bank, not the individual unless a approved by the Commander.
5.) Once the committee has provided aid to a recipicant, they are not Eligible unless brought before the floor at the next meeting for vote.
6.) The Commander and/or Adjutant will bring present the request before the committee for it's concideration.
7.) The Committee Members will vote on each case and the majority decision will stand.
8.) Each case will remain confidental and not discussed outside the realm of the committee. Allowing priviacy for the persons making the request from the DAV.
9.) All records are to be secured by the Chairman of said Committee and submitted to the Chapter for review by a case number instead of name. And later turned over to the adjutant for filing.
10.) Any committee member with an issue may contact the Commander with their concerns for his guidance.
11.) The Chairman will keep records of time and dates of cases, along with the decisions how each member voted on each case.
AS PER the DAV Article VI, Section 3. Welfare Committee: The Treasurer Shall chair this committee. This committee may consist of two members appointed by the Commander and approved by the chapter. Chapter officers may be appointed, however no member or the audit committee may serve because of conflict of interest.


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