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Commander Thom Unkle and Chaplain Johnny Hall at the Chapter picnic Chapter Picnic 2007 001.jpg
Chapter Picnic 2007 001
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Pat, Representative Dwyer, Pete Schwarz Chapter Picnic 2007 004.jpg
Chapter Picnic 2007 004
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Donation by Walmart for Forget-Me-Not drive Walmart2006.jpg
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Thumbnail Honor Guard and Pat Schwarz.JPG
Honor Guard and Pat Schwarz
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Lining up for the parade of flags in front of the audience Crownsville Cemetery 2007.JPG
Crownsville Cemetery 2007
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Taps!  Note our faithful bugler Rick Barnes with Past Chapter Commander Bob Mullinax in the background. Crownsville 2008.JPG
Crownsville 2008
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Jan Holland presented a check from our chapter to the manager of the USO at BWI. Jan Holland at USO, BWI.jpg
Jan Holland at USO, BWI
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Bob Mullenax and Janice Null Christmas Party 2007.jpg
Christmas Party 2007
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Pat German and Pat Schwarz at the 2007 Chapter Christmas Party. Pat and Pat.jpg
Pat and Pat
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Tommie Hawkins and wife at the 2007 Chapter Christmas Party Thommie Hawkins.jpg
Thommie Hawkins
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Thumbnail Honor Guard at Walmart 2008.jpg
Honor Guard at Walmart 2008
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Thumbnail Memorial table.jpg
Memorial table
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Thumbnail Walmart Manager and Thom Unkle.jpg
Walmart Manager and Thom Unkle
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Thumbnail Ron Adams and wife.jpg
Ron Adams and wife
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Thumbnail Newly elected DAVA Officers 2008.jpg
Newly elected DAVA Officers 2008
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Thumbnail John Leopold and Thom Unkle.jpg
John Leopold and Thom Unkle
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Thumbnail Pat German and John Leopold.jpg
Pat German and John Leopold
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Thumbnail Honor Guard at Walmart.jpg
Honor Guard at Walmart
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Honor Guard: Cliff Stoffel, Ron Adams, Wayne Godwin, Pete Schwarz Honor Guard at Baysox Game.JPG
Honor Guard at Baysox Game
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Cliff Stoffel, Cookie, Tom Sadler at the information desk at the Golden Corral Restaurant Golden Corral 2008.JPG
Golden Corral 2008
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Tom Sadler, Frank McMonegal, Johnny Hall, Bilklie Miles, Ron Adams Jr. Vice Cdr, Bob Mullenax Sr, Vice Cdr, Pete Schwarz, Cdr, Wayne Godwin, Officer of the Day 2009 Installation.JPG
2009 Installation
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Thumbnail DAVBaysox1May2009.JPG
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Thumbnail DAVBaysox42009.JPG
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Thumbnail DAVSadler1May2009.JPG
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Thumbnail DAV Installation 2010 1.jpg
DAV Installation 2010 1
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Thumbnail DAV Installation 2010 2.jpg
DAV Installation 2010 2
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Thumbnail Crownsville 2012 Johnny Hall.jpg
Crownsville 2012 Johnny Hall
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Thumbnail Crownsville 2012 Tommie, Cliff, Pete.jpg
Crownsville 2012 Tommie, Cliff, Pete
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Thumbnail Crownsville 2012 Pat and Jan.jpg
Crownsville 2012 Pat and Jan
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Thumbnail Crownsville 2012 Pat and Pete.jpg
Crownsville 2012 Pat and Pete
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The chapter presented awards to the Past Chapter Commanders Pete and Pat Schwarz as they prepare to move to Florida. Chapter meeting June 6a.jpg
Chapter meeting June 6a
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Award ceremony during the chapter meeting on June 6, 2013. Chapter meeting June 6b.jpg
Chapter meeting June 6b
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Chapter 13 Memorial Display revealed during the chapter meeting on June 6, 2013.  "Boots on the ground"

Chapter meeting June 6c.jpg
Chapter meeting June 6c
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Chapter Meeting Commander and Adjutant Briefing.jpg
Commander and Adjutant Briefing
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Thumbnail DAVA Busy at Work.jpg
DAVA Busy at Work
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