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Announcements: July Newsletter


July Newsletter 


Commander’s Message:  First and foremost I’d like to thank you for giving me an opportunity to serve you as Commander of our Chapter.  I’d personally like to thank Bill Huber for serving 3 years as Commander.  I am Dennis Hammons.  Please call me Cougar.  I am 33 years old, married with 2 children ages 9 and 4.


I have many ideas for this organization, but I can not do it alone.  It is a tragedy that we have lost so many of our members from passing on, but it is an even bigger tragedy that so many of us have forgotten the meaning and purpose of this organization.  During the time of the Iraq War, many of our young are coming back disabled.  Reports state on average that 18 commit suicide every day.  Now is the time to remember why we are all here.  The DAV is more than carrying that silver membership card around in your wallet.  It’s time for us as an organization to make a change.  We must reach out to our membership and figure out why less than 3% ever show their face at a meeting or a fundraiser.  We can not sit back and let Chapters close and leave our fellow Veterans with no assistance.  For whatever reasons that most no longer come or have never come, please give me an opportunity to make a change. 

                                                                                                Semper Fi,

Dennis “Cougar” Hammons


Dates of interest:  July 14th at 1800 meal with Chapter meeting following

                             July 19th at 0700-1000 Breakfast

DAVA Message:

Hello Members:  We had a good turnout at the garage sale.  I want to thank all the DAV and DAVA members who helped set up and ran the garage sale. 


Meeting attendance is way down.  We barely have a quorum to have a meeting.  I sure would like to see this change that is understandable in the future.  We understand if you are unable to volunteer at this time.  We would just like to see you so we can visit before or after our meetings and find out how everyone is doing.


Katherine Freeman



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