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DAV: FULFILLING OUR PROMISES TO THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO SERVED Mobility Air Transport offers hassle free flying
From Wheelin' Sportsmen Official Publication, Winter 2008.
The goal is simple: making air travel easier for people with disabilities.  Mobility Air Transport, a nonprofit organization, was formed to make flying more accessible, convenient and comfortable for persons using wheelchairs and other assistive devices. 
Starting this spring, flights are available throughout the United States (except Hawaii), Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. 
Mobility Air uses business jets and cororate planes made accessible to accommodate people using wheelchairs, assist animals, ventilators, oxygen tanks and other special medical equipment.  The modified crafts are roomy enough to transport up to five travel companions, too. 
Mobility Air Transport flies in and out of smaller airports so travelers can avoid parking issues, shuttle hassles, luggage checking, screening problems and breaking down wheelchairs for cargo.  Passengers using wheelchairs can remain in them during the flight or transfer to a seat.  And no layovers or connecting flights.
Fares are equal to commercial airline coach rates and, unlike chartered planes, travelers are charged per seat.  A minimum two - ticket purchase is required.
Flights are made according to the passengers schedule, even on short - term notice.
For more information on eligibilty, aircraft specifics and other related links, visit www.iflymat.org      

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