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DAV: FULFILLING OUR PROMISES TO THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO SERVED VAPHS University Drive Division Voluntary Program Wish List and Popular Items to Donate
Contact: Voluntary Specialist, Deborah Goral at 412-688-6222
Wish List:
Department/Program                         Item Description                                                                              $$$$
Social Service                                   Bus Passes for return trips home from hospital                            $25.00-$100.00
Social Service                                   Phone Cards for patients to call family, friends                            $25.00-$100.00
Radiation                                          Little Debbie Individually wrapped Snack Cakes                          $25.00-$100.00
Hydration Program                            Dixie Cups are needed for front entrance hydration program        $25.00-$100.00
Recreation Cart                                Items for recreation cart to provide to room recreation for           $25.00-$100.00
                                                       patients (small paint by number, 100 piece puzzles, trivia, books, games)
Coffee Program                                Ongoing program in Hero's Hall and in clinics to include                $25.00-$100.00
                                                       coffee, creamers, cups, spoons, napkins, plates etc.
Womens Health Program                   Programs/Services that provide support to Women's Health          $25.00-$100.00
                                                       Issues, Breast Cancer Awareness etc.
Popular Items to Donate:
Granola Bars, Little Debbie Snack Cakes, DVD's, Non-Dairy Creamer, CD's (Jazz, Country, Relaxation), Dixie Cups, Small Coffee cups, Sweat Suits, Mouthwash (Small Bottles), Pokeno Games, Small Wood Crafts, Sun Catchers, Cards, Checkers, Chess, Uno Card Games, Trivia Games and Books.             

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