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Snohomish County Activities and Benefits: Important Information regarding sit-up at Oyster Run Sept 24th 2017


Important Information regarding sit-up at Oyster Run Sept 24th 2017 


THIS IS IMPORTANT INFORMATION- PLEASE READ IT! ALL VENDORS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN INSURANCE, GARBAGE COLLECTION, UTILITIES, AND ANY LICENSES REQUIRED (NO electricity, water/ sewer/ garbage), GENERATORS……are to be quiet in consideration of neighboring vendors and customers. Generators will be routed down alley ways so bring enough cord to do so. Cords must be covered over sidewalk crossings. These are approx.. 10 ft. Bring needed cord covers. There will be no exceptions! FOOD VENDORS….all oil must be carted off premises at the end of day. FIRE EXTINGUISHERS…must have Class K PROPANE CYLINDERS MUST BE CHAINED DOWN Oyster Run dumpsters are located on 6th, 7th, & 8th streets by the alleys, and are marked with Oyster Run flyers (see map). *Do not use store owners’ dumpsters. Please be considerate. Vendor set up time is between 7 & 8 am Sunday morning, September 24th. ALL VEHICLES MUST BE OFF THE STREETS BY 9 AM. YOU MUST LEAVE a 30’ RIGHT OF WAY down the center of every street for emergency vehicles. (Anacortes City requirement) Booth spaces are 10’ wide by 15’ deep and are pre- marked and numbered on the pavement. (If you take more then your assigned space, you will be asked to leave.) If you have questions, the Information Booth is on the NE corner of 8th street. Everyone must be off the street by no later than 6:30 pm Sunday evening. Booths were assigned on a “first come – first serve” basis with the exception of our $600.00 sponsors. The Oyster Run committee cannot be held responsible for any problems /damages/loss of revenue/etc. due to the public/ other vendors/weather/etc. Thank you, The Oyster Run Committee 5129 Evergreen Way Suite 4D #473 Everett, WA 98203 oysterrun@hotmail.com The name is trade marked by limp Lee Productions who will be the sole distributor of Oyster Run clothing, hats, pins, and bumper stickers. No one may use the name Oyster Run in anyway or on any product without permission of Limp Lee Productions. Oyster Run- September 24, 2017 Snohomish County DAV #13 Space 121


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