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 Announcements from Department of Indiana

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 Announcements from DAV Headquarters

Voluntary Services Bulletin
To view the current Voluntary Services Bulletin please click here.

Non Profit Advisor
To read current or previous issues of the NonProfit Advisor, please click here, enter your membership number, select NonProfit Advisor and select the issue you would like view.

Upcoming Events!
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DAV Newsroom
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24/7 Referral Source for Veterans and their families

RCS Combat Call Center
1-877-WAR-VETS (1-877-927-8387)
24/7 Referral Source for Veterans and their families

DAV Statement of Policy
Please click here to view DAV's Statement of Policy.


Monthly Memo
To view the current monthly memo please click here.


Legislative Bulletin
To view the current Legislative please click here.

Service Bulletin
To view the current Service Bulletin please click here.


There are currently no upcoming events.

 Veteran Information and Statistics

To view veteran information and statistics for the state of Indiana visit: Veteran Information
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