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DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS DEPARTMENT OF PUERTO RICO RULES AND REGULATIONS / 2017 CONVENTION ARTICLE IV, SECTION4-4 CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS, DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS, DEPARTMENT OF PUERTO RICO, READS AS FOLLOWS: “The Department Commander shall have full power, with the approval of the Executive Committee, to prescribe the form of credentials, the rule and regulations, and all other matters with respect to the convention not specifically covered by the Department Constitution and By-Laws.” In conformity with the above constitutional mandate, the following Rules and Regulations are submitted to you for the conduct of the Annual state Convention 2017 as those that will govern our 44th Annual Convention. 1. Department Officers shall serve as Officers of the Convention and authorized to arrange for personnel, equipment and supplies necessary to assist in the completion of the work in the Convention. The State Adjutant shall serve as the Adjutant and Secretary of the Convention. 2. The State Sergeant of Arms shall be the Sergeant at Arms of the Convention. He/She shall be assisted by others appointed by the Department Commander. 3. Except for modifications contained herein, Robert’s Rules, newly revised, shall be the parliamentary guide, it is the Rule. 4. To be recognized, a delegate to the convention must (1) stand, (2) address the chair as “Comrade Commander”, (3) state his/her name and the chapter, or title and (4) shall proceed only after recognition of the Chair. 5. Debates shall be limited to 3 minutes for each speaker on any subject. No more than two delegates from any one chapter shall be permitted on the floor to discuss any one subject, expect by two thirds consent of the body. 6. Resolutions from the chapters must be submitted to and received at the office of the Department Adjutant in triplicate, printed or typewritten form, signed by the sponsoring chapter, not later than ten (10) days prior to the State Convention. 7. Section 4.9: Voting, Para.1: Voting Shall be via voice. Except when the roll call is demanded by the presiding officer or a least one (1) delegate from twelve (12) chapters. The election of the Department Officers shall be by roll call. However; vote may be via voice if there is no content. 8. Chapter elected delegates who are physically present and duly registered at the time of the election and shall be entitled to one vote at the convention. 9. The chapter is responsible for the selection of the elected delegates; the credentials will be issued by the Registration Officer at the time of registration. 10. A person who is not fully accredited elected delegate shall participate directly or indirectly in a vote, on any subject before the convention. 11. No person who is not elected delegates or alternate shall be permitted in the area set aside for the convention elections. All delegates shall be seated by chapters whenever is possible. 12. There shall be allowed one nominating speech, limited to three (3) minutes for each accredited candidate for state office. There shall be no seconding of the speeches. 13. The Department Commander shall appoint a Convention Parliamentarian, who shall be an accredited Department Officer or elected delegate to the convention; in our case will be the Department Judge Advocate. 14. The Credentials Committee, in accordance with the provisions of the National, State Constitutions and Bylaws, Convention Rules and Regulations, will determines the eligibility of all persons seated and voting in the convention. Candidates from the floor will notify the Credentials Committee by 10:00 am, on Saturday, that they are candidates and the position for which they want to be elected. 15. The newly elected Department Executive Committee, 2017-2018, shall hold its First DEC Meeting, Saturday, immediately following adjournment of the convention. 16. If any section of the Convention Rules and Regulations is in conflict with the National or State Constitutions, the Section of the National or State Constitution shall supersede and govern without changing the force and effect of the remaining sections of the Convention Rules and Regulations. 17. The Convention Delegates shall approve the 2017 Convention Rules and Regulations prior to the start of the session and will be effective upon approval. DISTRIBUTED ELECTRONICALLY TO CHAPTER COMMANDER’S AND DAVA COMMANDER ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2017 WILL BE MAILED AS WELL TO CHAPTER COMMANDER’S AND DAVA COMMANDER ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2017 AND WILL BE PLACE IN EACH DELEGATES CONVENTION BAG. jwc


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