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Announcements: Rhode Island DAV Department Commander Robbins Re-elected for Second Term


Rhode Island DAV Department Commander Robbins Re-elected for Second Term 


On April 17th and 18th of  2009; the Department of Rhode Island held its 74th Annual Convention at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Warwick, Rhode Island.  Election was held late afternoon of the 18th of April in which James Robbins of Lawrence Redmond Chapter 3 was relected as our Department Commander for a 2nd term (2009-2010).
Nomination and final votes were cast for the following elected posistion that will be serving with James Robbins. 
Sr. Vice Commander Fred Adams- Emily Baker Chapter 9
1st Junior Vice Commander Oscar Tassone-Lawrence Redmond Chapter 3
2nd Junior Vice Commander Dave Smith-Lawrence Redmond Chapter 3
Department Treasurer Michael Moriarty PDC-Emily Baker
Chapter 9
Department Adjutant Richard Vaccari-Emily Baker Chapter 9
Department Judge Advocate Anthony Rodrigues PDC
Emily Baker Chapter 9
DAV Representative for the Rhode Island United Veterans Council Raymond Sanchas PDC-Correia Wojtyto Chapter 13
Department Trustee 3 Year Melvin Hill-G. Folcarelli Chapter 1
Department Trustee 2 Year Steven Davis-Mt. Pleasant Chapter 21
Department Finance Committee 3 Year
David Schiapo PDC, Domenick J. Romeo Chapter 10
John Lubrea, Almeida-Hines Chapter 22
Department Finance Committee 2 Year
Robert Prey PDC, Lawrence Redmond Chapter 3
Robert Lutrario, Emily Baker Chapter 9
Additon to the above elected officers being voted for new fiscal year 2009-2010; the following candidates were running for Alternate NEC Officer for District 3 which represents, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.  Richard W. Schatz PDC of Poisson Cournoyer Carpentier Bacon Chapter 12 of Lincoln/Woonsocket was running up against
John Beadle PDC of Josiah Broadfoot Chapter 6.  Both candidate provided a 5 minute speech to the convention delegation explaining why they were seeking the elected officer of Alternate NEC.  Votes were taken and final tally identified Richard W. Schatz PDC as this departments Alternate NEC for up-coming year. 
Addition to the above elected officials the following selection of appointed officer were selected by Commander James Robbins to serve him in fiscal year 2009-2010.
Department Chief of Staff-Richard W. Schatz (Chapter 12)
Department Legislative Officer and Publicity Officr
 (Chapter 17)
Department Chaplain-Edward Morris (Chapter 22)
Department Altenate Chaplain-Thomas Paine (Chapter 12)
Department Inspector-Henry Wright (Chapter 9)
Department Deputy Inspector and Department Service Officer Stephen Moffitt (Chapter 6)
Department Assistan Adjutant, Assistant Pubilicty Officer and Webmaster Coordiantor for Department of Rhode Island DAV
Albert Leclerc PDC, (Chapter 12)
DAV Women Veterans Coordinator Ginny Hanson
(Chapter 15)
Department Sgt at Arms and Officer of the Day, Joseph Cooke, (Chapter 3)
Department Service Activities
Department VAVS Deputy Chief-Raymond Sanchas PDC,
(Chapter 13)
Department HSC Coordinator and Transportation Officer,
Joseph F. Jerozal, (Chapter 21)
Department Service Officer, Stephen Moffitt, (Chapter 6)
National Appointment:
National Deputy Cheif of Staff
Michael Moriarty PDC, (Chapter 15)
Aid to National Commander
Richard Murphy (Chapter 9)


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