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Announcements: Veterans Wanted - 70th Anniversary World War II


Veterans Wanted - 70th Anniversary World War II 


Over the last ten years The Greatest Generations Foundation has promoted recognition, respect and emotional closure for Allied veterans by providing journeys back to their fields of battle. These cathartic programs have taken over 2700 combat veterans, veterans and accompanying university students to the D-Day beaches of Normandy, the island of Iwo Jima, the mountains of Italy and other key World War II campaign sites. Looking forward through 2015, the Foundation has committed to fully celebrating and commemorating the 70th Anniversaries of World War II’s chief battles around the globe while honoring veterans who fought in them. To properly mark these anniversaries, which are the last of significance that the U.S. will have the opportunity to commemorate alongside living WWII veterans, TGGF will be dedicated to taking appropriate veterans around the world to remember and commemorate their fallen comrades, while educating others about the importance of recognizing those who fought and those who fell in defense of the liberty that we all enjoy today. Therefore, we are currently searching for veterans who fought in the following battles to consider participating in one of our upcoming programs to the ETO or PTO. Each program will consists of twenty veterans (*Normandy Seventy Veterans) and is 100% FREE OF CHARGE for the returning veterans. Upcoming Programs Attu Island – August 2013 Tarawa – November 2013 Normandy – June 2014* Peleliu and Philippines – June 2014 Guam, Saipan, Mariana Islands – June 2014 Holland – September 2014 Bulge – December 2014 Iwo Jima – February 2015 Okinawa – April 2015 Victory in Europe – May 2015 Victory in the Pacific August 2015 If you know any veterans who would like to return, please have them contact TGGF on info@tggf.org or mail the veterans application to TGGF in Colorado.


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