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Announcements: Camp Corral Support in the Department


Camp Corral Support in the Department 


Just B Kids Scholarship Program I would again like to extend my sincere gratitude to all of the DAV departments and chapters who have supported Camp Corral through DAV’s Just B Kids scholarship. Together over the last five years, we have helped to send more than 2,700 deserving children to camp. You have made this wonderful accomplishment possible. This initiative provides a framework for departments and chapters who wish to support Camp Corral. It empowers our representatives to remain within the guidelines of the DAV Constitution and Bylaws, requiring that all funds raised through DAV activities be approved by and benefit our programs. It’s crucial we adhere to the rules we’ve established for the best interests of the organization. As a reminder, please do not provide any funds collected by DAV members in support of Camp Corral directly to Golden Corral restaurants or their managers. Doing so would violate not only DAV’s internal governing regulations but also federal regulations for charities, which could raise concerns with charity watchdogs. It could also prevent you from realizing the full potential of your efforts. To support your fundraising efforts in this regard, the national organization will once again match donations raised for the Just B Kids scholarship program this year. This means that up to $300,000 of donations collected by DAV representatives will be doubled, making it possible for twice as many camp participants to benefit from your efforts. Funds collected by DAV departments or chapters, through approved activities, should be accounted for and submitted to DAV HQ using the attached form. All donations must be deposited and accounted for as Just B Kids funds prior to distribution to Camp Corral in order for your funds to be matched. Please note that any funds collected by Golden Corral personnel (at the registers) are to be handled by them and sent directly to Golden Corral. Funds raised without DAV representation will not be matched. If you should have any questions regarding the funds or process details, please contact Donor Relations Manager Shawnda Hollon at 859-442-2353 or shollon@dav.org. Department and Chapter Commanders and Adjutants Page 2 April 18, 2018 Your use of the attached form also provides DAV with the opportunity to thank and recognize the volunteer efforts of departments and chapters that raise funds this year. If you are collecting donations at a particular Golden Corral restaurant, there is space on the form to identify the location so you can be assured they, too, will get the appropriate credit. Thank you for all you’re doing to recognize the sacrifices of our children in the military and veterans community. Your hard work will go a long way to give them a unique opportunity to have fun and just be kids for a week! We are also happy to be able to provide you with additional tools this year to make your fundraising efforts for the Just B Kids scholarship even more successful. We have created a Just B Kids Fundraising Guide that provides details about the program and its impact and processes for raising funds. I’ve attached a copy of the guide for your review. It can also be accessed through the membership portal online (www.dav.org/membership/members). We’ve also developed a brochure for you to hand out as you speak with individuals about supporting our Just B Kids scholarship, and we’ve created a custom bucket for collections. These items can be seen in the fundraising guide. To order these items, please email justbkids@dav.org or call 859-442-1340. We truly appreciate our long-standing relationship with Golden Corral. Through the Military Appreciation Night event, our departments and chapters have received millions of dollars to support grassroots service initiatives nationwide. We are grateful for their friendship and support for more than a decade now. If you are interested in sending a child to a Camp Corral event, additional information and eligibility requirements can be found at www.justbkids.org. Thanks again for your interest in supporting Camp Corral through the Just B Kids scholarship and for your membership and leadership. Your participation and all you do to fulfill our promises to the men and women who served reflects great credit upon you and the entire veteran’s community. J. MARC BURGESS


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