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Department Commander Flash News: Recruit new members. It helps your Chapter and the Organization overall.


Recruit new members.  It helps your Chapter and the Organization overall. 


Servicemen and women like you put everything on the line in defense of our freedom. In return, our nation promises a lifetime of support. Yet when veterans come home, they are still faced with an overwhelming number of challenges. DAV is working hard to bring these challenges to the forefront of our political leaders' minds, and our legislative grass-roots campaigns help lawmakers draft legislation to positively impact the lives of veterans and their families. As a member, you are making a huge difference in the veteran community. Will you go a step further and help recruit others to join the fight by sharing this message to help us continue our legislative campaigns that provide education and support to our political leaders so they can make informed decisions for our veterans? Tell a Friend Among the many challenges facing our nation's veterans, DAV is focused on: • Strengthening and modernizing the VA health care system to provide timely medical care to all veterans. • Ensuring women veterans receive equal access to health care and the support they earned. • Implementing timely and accurate decisions on claims for veterans' earned federal benefits. Recruit your fellow veterans by clicking here to send an email. Ask them to join DAV in the fight so we can continue to work toward ensuring the VA system is working for all veterans. You can also show you stand with DAV by changing your Facebook profile picture. Get your special profile picture frame here. Thank you, J. Marc Burgess DAV National Adjutant/CEO


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