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Department Commander Flash News: Support you DAV efforts with the A&W Partnership


Support you DAV efforts with the A&W Partnership 


I’m excited to announce that DAV’s partnership with A&W has been renewed after a successful inaugural year in 2017 that resulted in a $100,000 donation to our charity as a result of their National Root Beer Float Day promotion. The partnership is a natural fit—like DAV, A&W was founded nearly 100 years ago. A&W introduced root beer floats at a parade honoring returning WWI veterans and their commitment to those who served continues. This year’s promotion kicks off in early July, with A&W restaurants nationwide collecting donations on behalf of DAV. The promotion will culminate on Monday, August 6, when customers will receive a free root beer float at participating stores from 2 to 8 p.m. and will be invited to make a donation to DAV. We’re seeking help from all department commanders and adjutants to help make this year’s event even more successful. By connecting individual A&W stores with local chapters, you will help give A&W team members an opportunity to express their gratitude to our nation’s veterans and develop connections with their communities. This also gives chapters an opportunity to connect veterans with our resources, recruit volunteers, enlist prospective members, foster relationships with A&W team members and thank them for their support. A&W will supply its stores with co-branded donation boxes, which will be placed at the cash register. DAV representatives will not be responsible for raising or managing the funds collected during the National Root Beer Float campaign; the store operators will be responsible for forwarding all of the funds to A&W headquarters. As with other national cause marketing fundraising corporate partner events, DAV will distribute a portion of the proceeds from this campaign to departments. Flag stickers with be sent to participating chapters for members to distribute to customers on event day. Attached is the complete A&W store list for you to start considering which chapters might represent DAV at each of the stores in your state. The highest performing stores are highlighted in yellow and are especially important. In the coming days, you will be contacted by Susan Chamberlin, DAV Corporate Partnerships Senior Account Manager, our lead liaison between A&W and DAV departments and chapters. I encourage you to work to ensure that as many stores as possible have local chapter members present the day of this special event to help us fulfill our promises to the men and women who served and to build a greater bond with this important partner.


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