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Department Commander Flash News: National Order of Trench Rats are no longer DAV supported


National Order of Trench Rats are no longer DAV supported 


Per National please read memo regarding the Trench Rats: TO: FROM: RE: DATE: MEMORANDUM Department and Chapter Commanders and Adjutants J. Marc Burgess National Adjutant National Order of Trench Rats September I 9,2017 As most of you know by now, the Imperial Board of the National Order of Trench Rats (NOTR) met earlier this month and decided to separate from DAV at all levels (national, sector and dugout). Unlike DAV departments and chapters which have charters issued by the National Organization and are included under our Group Exemption with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), NOTR has always been a separate organization and merely mentioned as an auxiliary within DA V's Constitution. We've had many questions from members at the department and chapter level in terms of how the decision of the NOTR will affect DAV activities moving forward. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of common questions followed by the appropriate answers which will likely address any inquiries moving forward. Q: Are members o f NOTR still members in good standing o f DAV? A: Yes. Although membership in NOTR has been limited to DAV members in the past, NOTR is amending their membership requirements to remove the specification that their members also be members of DAV. Although an individual may be a member of DAV and NOTR, it is much like their affiliation with any other veterans' organiza1tion. Q: Can NOTR still participate in DAV related functions such as department conventions or chapter meetings? A: No. NOTR may not take part in any DAV related activity. NOTR is to be considered their own independent organization and may not rely on any support or affiliation with DAV. Q: Are DAV entities permitted to participate in NOTR events? A: No. Every effort should be made to completely disassociate the activities of DAV andNOTR. Q: What should we do if NOTR is referenced in our Constitution and Bylaws (C&B)? A: DAV Departments that recognize NOTR in their C&B should take immediate steps to amend its bylaws removing any reference to NOTR. This can be done by way of proposals submitted by the Department's Interim C&B Committee so the corrections may be made during the Department's next annual convention. Chapters with references to the NOTR in their C&B should take action to amend the document at any monthly chapter meeting. Proposed changes to Chapter C&Bs should be read at two separate meetings before being voted upon by the Chapter. Department and Chapter Commanders and Adjutants September 19, 2017 Page 2 Q: What should we do i f DAV and NOTR own property or other assets Jointly? A: It is a violation of the National Bylaws if any DAV entity owns property or assets jointly with any other organization. It is required that any and all assets of any DAV entity be held or titled solely in the name of such DAV entity. Should this not be the case, and any property or assets of DAV are held jointly with any NOTR entity (o r any other organization for that matter), corrective action must be taken to remove any other entity from legal documents related to ownership. We hope this document is useful to you. Should you have specific questions or concerns which have not been addressed above, please do not hesitate to contact Inspector General Edward Hartman at our National Headquarters.


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