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Help for Hero's Program 


The DAV has a program called Help for Heros. An overview of the program can be found at https://www.dav.org/learn-more/news/2017/help-for-heroes/ DAV has partnered with the PenFedFoundation to offer assistance to veterans who have a disability rating or are working with DAV's National Service Officers to submit a disability claim. Also, each of the armed services has a Aid Society to aid active and retired personnel. Here is a list of the Aid Societies for each branch: The US Army has a financial program called the Army Emergency Relief fund. It is for active and retired soldiers that are in financial difficulty. https://www.aerhq.org https://www.aerhq.org//Portals/0/2018%20Annual%20Report.pdf The Air Force has a program called the Air Force Aid Society. It grants emergency loans and grants to active and retired personnel. https://www.afas.org/ The Navy and Marine Corps have the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society that helps with active, and I assume retired personnel. (Their list of documents to bring says "Most recent leave and earnings statement (LES) or retiree account statement (RAS)") http://www.nmcrs.org/ The Coast Guard has the Coast Guard Mutual Assistance. https://www.cgmahq.org/ Hopefully one of these programs would be able to help the veterans you work with.


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