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2016 Ford Drive 4 UR Community

Our longtime supporter and friend, Ford Motor Company, has again partnered with DAV with their year-round "Drive 4 UR Community" (D4URC) program. This is an opportunity for Departments to raise funds for veterans and their families’ right in their own backyard. Read more

Just B Kids Scholarship Program supporting Camp Coral

A few years ago DAV developed the Just B Kids Scholarship program to incentivize and support the efforts of DAV Chapters and Departments who wish to raise funds to support Camp Corral.

The Just B Kids Scholarship program, provides an opportunity for you to support a very worthy cause and make a positive difference in the lives’ of children of disabled veterans...Read More

Personalized DAV Gear
The DAV Department and Chapter Store now offers personalized DAV Gear.  Click Here to Shop.


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 Chapter Email Address

New Chapter Email Address
For Questions or Comments reguarding chapter business please email us at davchapter11@att.net

 What we do for Veterans

What we do for Veterans
We provide transportation to and from VA Medical Facilities***Provide entertainment for patients at the Fayetteville VAMC***Loan wheelchairs and sickroom equipment***Assist in filing VA and other claims***Provide comfort items and cash donations for support of Fayetteville VAMC patients***Provide support for the Wilmington VA Clinic***Support fully matters concerned with the health and welfare of local veterans, especially the homeless***Man and operate a 911-type telephone line providing information to veterans, families, news media and the public*** Participate fully in patriotic and civic matters***Cooperate fully with other veteran and civic groups.
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 Contact Us

Contact Us
Mailing Address:
PO Box 4046
Wilmington, NC 28406
Ph: 910-612-9358
Email Address:
Chapter Commander:
Gil Navarrette
Chapter 11 Webmaster:
Kerri Willetts
Monthly Chapter Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month

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